Omoto-Sexy Omotola Jalade Say’s She’s Not Giving Up Despite Her Upcoming Music Career

Omotola Jalade Say’s She’s Not Giving Up Despite Her Upcoming Music Career

Giving up is not an option, atleast as far as  actress,  is concerned with in relation to infant her career.

Her unheard voice on the scene ignites speculations that she’s retired from but Omotola has distanced self from such speculations.

She said;

“Did I tell anyone that I have retired from ? I hope to do a song with my son but he is very stubborn. He has his own way of doing things. I hope that in future, we can collaborate; I have a certain kind of that I do, I like rock and soft rock. He is still young and he is experimenting.

“He is doing a lot of stuff. Obviously, he is enjoying himself because he is a ‘rave at the moment’ and maybe he is thinking that I have not ‘blown’ as a musician. I hope to prove myself in the even more than my song, Gba, did. In future when I have built my own place, I would love to perform on stage instead of being commercial-oriented. I enjoy playing on stage more; I enjoy recording and performing. I hope to get there and do that so that people like my son can take me more seriously. My son knows that I am very good when it comes to but he says, ‘It is not me you would use to blow.’”

Omotola who ventured into music in 2005 and released her debut album titled – Gba which had singles like Lowa and The Things You Do To Me.


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