How To Style Your Box Braid Wig

How To Style Your Box Braid Wig
Judging by the number of box braid hairstyles on Instagram and in style blogs, one could say that box braids are back in vogue, but the truth is that they never left. You can never go wrong with picking a box braid wig for your everyday hairstyles. Find your ideal one from the selection of box braids wigs on and check out the trendiest ways to rock box braids now!


Loose braid
This may be the quickest yet still chic ways to style a box braid wig. Twisting your braids into one loose braid on the back of your head and securing it with a matching hair tie won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, but this hairstyle will let you go for a full day without refreshing your hairstyle. You can add some accents like metallic or plastic beads to add a fun touch to the braids.


Colorful highlights
Even letting your box braids hang loose can be a pretty powerful look on its own, but if you add a couple of braids done in different color or buy a dyed wig with colorful highlights, you will create a totally new style story. Ombre hair is especially trendy nowadays, and you can easily incorporate this trend into your box braid wig. Plus, you can attach braids of different color to refresh your current wig.

An updo made from a box braid wig is the ideal choice of a hairstyle for summer, when you simply can’t tolerate the heat created by the braids at the back of your head and your neck. Moreover, a box braid updo is one of the most popular formal hairstyles. You can rock a box braid updo with your favorite evening gown as successfully as with a cute and breezy summer sundress.

Half-up, half-down
If you’re looking for the perfect bridge between a full updo and just letting your box braids fly loose, this is exactly what you likely have in your head. The half-up, half-down hairstyle is wonderfully easy to create and works for box braid wigs of all length and braid thicknesses. This kind of an updo also has a formal feel to it, but you can wear it with your favorite casual wear outfits.


Bob braids
If you’ve only ever worn your braids longer than your shoulders, then it might be time to try something new. A box braid wig styled in a short and cute bob is not only comfortable to wear and practical, but also very stylish, which you can clearly see by the number of celebrities rocking this adorable style in their paparazzi pics. Adding some hair decorations to your bob braid wig is also a good idea.


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