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Gorillaz – Lake Zurich

Gorillaz – Lake Zurich


Gorillaz Lake Zurich

Gorillaz have released their first single from their new album: “Lake Zurich” the legendary jazz guitarist.The song, with calming melodies and funky bassline, marks a step back from the more aggressive stance they look on their last album, Humanz. The album is dropping at the end of June, so Damon Albarn has come through with a total summer song here.

The video finds Gorillaz frontman, 2-D, roller skating around a California beach and enjoying his life. He’s joined by Jack Black, who pretends to play guitar in various locations in the video. The other members of the band get their cameos as well, Noodle playing chess and Murdoc ruining someone else’s fun. Only Russell, the band’s drummer, doesn’t appear to be having a good time.

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