Buhari’s Statement On Nigerian Youth are lazy: Atiku react

Buhari’s Statement On Nigerian Youth are lazy: Atiku react

A former Vice President, Abubakar

A former Vice President of , Abubakar; a federal lawmaker, Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP, Bayelsa East); and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, have reacted to President Muhammadu ’s recent statement on yout.

The politicians took to their official twitter pages to condemn Mr ’s statement, describing it as a lie and an act borne out of joblessness.

The president on Wednesday criticised the attitude of some youth, saying they were “only hustling to get on the gravy train.”

“More than 60 per cent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, free,” Mr was quoted as saying by The Cable during a panel appearance with world leaders at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London.

The president’s comment adds to an earlier one he made criticising youth.

During a February 2016 interview with UK Telegraph, Mr said some Nigerians in the UK, mostly youth, are disposed to criminality and should not be granted asylum there. He was fiercely criticised for the comment, with many saying it failed to convey the reality of youth’s exploits.

In his reaction, Mr Murray-Bruce indirectly accused Mr of being the lazy one.

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“Whoever says youths are lazy should just buy a mirror and he or she will see the real definition of laziness! I have over 1000 youths in my employ and not one of them is lazy,” he tweeted.

Mr Abubakar, a presidential aspirant, in his tweet swore never to call Nigerian youth lazy, adding that they are hardworking.

“Our youth are charting new frontiers; creating a huge tech industry on their own! Their entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and creative abilities are things of pride and should be applauded, encouraged and nurtured.

“I will never refer to ’s youth as people who sit and do nothing. They are hardworking. I should know, I have thousands of youths working for me all over the country who have been the backbone to our success,” he said.

On his part, Mr Omokri said the president was only describing himself as he sits at Ask Rock and does nothing.

“He is describing himself. He sits and does nothing at Aso Rock. He gets free housing at the Presidential Villa.
He spends 103 days in London and we pay for it!

“Joblessness makes him talk anyhow!,” he said.

Other Nigerians have also reacted to the president’s mail with most criticising the president.

Below are some reactions from Nigerians:


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