Blood For Blood 18+ Only [Complete Episode 1-40]

=======> Episode 1


****this is a true story suitable for readers aged 18+….may portray varying degrees of sexual,cultism and crime related parlance,enjoy the ride*****
It was a dark night,the forest was quiet except for the occasional bird calls and resonating insect sounds abundant throughout the forest floor…
The night was very quiet and serene or so I thought…i knew little of the fact that the troubles that would plague me for the next few months would start on this same serene night…..
My name is greg and am 22 years of age..i had recently acquired a house in Abuja and a range rover e-vogue to complement to add to my expanding list of property nationwide,i was living the life,fast cars,beautiful women,money,you name it…..i belonged to a high-class cyber crime trio which included two other guys,”slow and trigger”.currently we had split up and were all laying low in different hide-outs…I was in owerri at present,the state capital of imo state after we had finally landed a major deal that was worth 8 million us dollars…jackpot!!!……I was known as ”Blood” within the trio.I was the final nail in the coffin,the finishing member of the ”outlanders” as our group was known as by several armed forces across the nation but we were not to be underestimated,we had serious connections in high places,nevertheless we were always taking the necessary precautions so as to remain as elusive as possible and trust me!!! We were…….Back to the present….i was in obinze in owerri presently in a thick bush if not forest trying to lay low because the last hit we pulled was all over the place;Tv stations,radio stations and all socia media and blogs we knew of were spreading the news..We were very cautious,we had pushed the money in through western union and stashed it courtesy of trigger with two of us(slow and i)in the dark about the money’s location…..according to our modus operandi,we had to lay low first before any other thing.Bringing me back to my present location,”obinze forest”…..In a three-bedroom bungalow I had constructed discreetly aas my safe house,had other safe houses but decided this was the most suitable cos this was our biggest hit yet and we had several forces hot on our heels…….

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I'm Andrea Laura from USA. Born and brought up in Manchester. Hiphop lover, music critic and writer. Love writing and singing as well. Music revive the soul buddy. Listen to good lyrics always yo!

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