The music streaming platform has quietly launched a new “Don’t play this artist” function, first spotted by Thurrott. By clicking on the button found on an artist’s main page, you can essentially mute them from your account. While songs by any muted artist will still appear on playlists, radio, and even searches, will simply skip them unless you specifically click on the tracks or remove the “Don’t play” designation.

The feature is currently only viewable on the Spotify app, but its function will translate to both the web player and desktop app.

It’s probably no coincidence that the feature has launched as the #MuteRKellymovement has picked up renewed steam following the Surviving  documentary and subsequent fallout. While the R&B singer actually saw an increase in streamsfollowing Spotify’s Hate Content policy, he’s been dropped by his record label and seen a number of his collaborations pulled from streaming platforms.

Now thanks to “Don’t play this artist,” you won’t have to hear him — or any other music you don’t like for any particular reason — if you don’t want to.